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Professional Artist

Life, Surfing and Academic Coach

I create art to honor women and feminine power. I expand on my experiences to touch upon global issues related to body sovereignty, identity, war, and the universe. 

As I work with people on living expansively in their lives, teaching complex topics, and sharing the magic of the ocean and wave riding


I try to always remember to love - my work, my struggles, and the people around me. 

My art is life, it is me, 

in all my humanity. 


Living a creative life comes with challenges and requires determination, hard work, and faith. Let my story speak for itself, to my qualifications for any position working for companies and individuals;


From a youth spent as a surfer, cross country, pole-vaulting athlete, dancer and cirque performer in Los Angeles; I ventured across the country to Boston, 6,000 miles away from my family to study as a pre-medical student, working as an EMT, training with the US Navy, competing in D1 athletics as a runner, and researching within nutrition and cardiology - I applied to and was accepted into Medical School - Instead, I chose to study Global Health - expanding my understanding of what health is for humanity and the world. Upon Graduating with a Master's in Global Health at the Height of the Pandemic I turned my focus inward connecting to self-health, as I saw how art-culture&health were inextricably linked - I focused my energy on creating.

Since then I have been painting, performing - comedy & music, and creating art around the world, having art shows and performances in New York, Israel, and Los Angeles. 

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